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What are carbon fiber sheets used for?

Carbon fiber sheet plates are widely used in a wide variety of industrial applications,such as automotive parts,racing,Drones,Robotic,consumer electroics etc.You need choose the right size and thickness based on different application

0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm 1mm(1/32) carbon fiber plates are thin carbon fiber veneer which is a good choice for carbon fiber name card,poker,reed Petals,luggage labels or luxury surface of phone shell.

1.5mm 2mm(1/16) 3mm(1/8) 4mm(5/32) 5mm carbon fiber plate sheet are usually used as drones' top/bottom plates and arms.You can cut carbon sheets to vehicle panels,knife handles.

6mm 8mm 10mm 20mm thick carbon fiber plate panel can be x-ray panel for medical equipments or individual needs.There is one thing need to note,the tolerance of thickn carbon fiberr sheets will be large.

No matter you need the flexible carbon fiber sheets or thick CF panel,we will try our best to offer you the right sheets you need.

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